Survey: 40th Reunion

We now have over 120 members on this site (THANK YOU!) and that should be a representative sample of what everyone would like to see happen for our 40th reunion next year. I'm hoping we have a lot of participation so your loyal, hard-working reunion committee can make you happy!

Once you've taken the survey, you'll be able to have access to all results. Please know that individual responses are confidential. Other members will see the answers but not names associated with each reply.

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1)   * ATTENDING? 2013 is here NOW! Do you intend to attend the reunion if the particulars are to your liking?

  Yes, absolutely, I wouldn't miss it!
  Maybe, if the plans & price are to my liking.
  No, there's no way I will be able to (or want to) attend.

If the price is right, if the time of year is right, if it seems like it'll be a good time?
2)   MAYBE TO YES? If you are unsure if you would like to attend the reunion, what would have to happen to turn your "MAYBE" into a "YES"?


  Informal, unstructured quiet socializing at the hotel.
  Go to the monthly Friday Downtown Melbourne Family Fest and party like it's 1973.
  I wouldn't get there until Saturday.

What sounds good to kick off the weekend?
4)   SATURDAY MORNING ACTIVITIES:: We are planning a tour of Mel-Hi with a Memorial Service for fallen classmates in the morning. Following that, how would you like to spend your day?

  Zip-lining at the Brevard Zoo
  Just hang out on the beach and at the hotel.
  Other (please indicate thoughts in comment box following this one).

Choose the one you'd like best.
5)   SATURDAY DAY: If you don't want to golf or zip-line, or hang at the beach, is there something else you'd like to have offered? Talk to us.

6)   SATURDAY EVENING ACTIVITY: What sounds best to you?

  Dress up sit-down banquet, dancing. More expensive, more structured.
  Casual fellowship, hors d'oeuvres, dance &/or walk about, visiting, hang out.

How fancy? More fancy = more expensive.
7)   OTHER CLASSES: Do you have any objection to extending invitations to members of the Classes of 1971-75? Share your thoughts.

8)   COSTS: We want to keep the per person cost as low as we can because we feel strongly that it should be affordable to all. That said, tell us a bit about your comfort spending for the weekend. This would not include your stay at the hotel.

  $20-$30 per person
  $30-$40 per person
  $40-$50 per person
  $65-75 per person
  As much as it takes!
9)   SPONSORSHIP: It would be wonderful, groovy, bitchin', far out, cool...if any of you would like to donate to the Reunion Committe. Answers below are confidential; i.e, your selection won't reflect your name. If you can donate $$$, in addition to answering below, drop us a note at for address to mail checks. You may also use the Paypal feature on the Home Page.

  $25 donation
  $50 donation
  $100 donation
  $200 donation
  $300 donation
  $400 donation
  $500+ ...How much do you need?
10)   Share any thoughts that were not covered by the questions and answers above.