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09/12/12 04:47 PM #1    


Jamie Cox

Can anybody identify this Mel-High student? Taken in 1972, so could be class of '72 thru '74. 


-Jamie Cox


09/24/12 04:07 PM #2    


Jamie Cox

I've posted a video with scenes shot at Mel-High in 1972. It's on my profile page, but I figured not everyone would happen on it there.


If the YouTube link doesn't work for you. 

Thanks to David Allsopp for taking, preserving and rediscovering those old movies. 


P.S. I'd still like to know who the mystery girl is. She's in the video. I'll update it to give her a proper title card if someone can tell me who she is. There are a few other unidentified people in there also. Any ideas?

09/24/12 06:51 PM #3    


John Frye

Jamie, that was great! A real time machine. Thank you so very much for producing and then sharing it with us. It's sure to be a don't miss for all. 


09/25/12 04:11 PM #4    


Susan Cuthbert (Cuthbert-Peck)


Great video.  Sure brings back memories!

04/14/13 03:56 AM #5    


James "Jim" Whitt



The lady in the photo taken in 1972 looks like Pam Risi, younger sister of George whom was a distant runner @ Mel Hi. I believe she was in the class of 74 or 75?





05/18/13 07:04 PM #6    


Bob Doucette, Jr .

The person who was indicated as "The Unkown" is Pam Risi. I dated her for a while during 1972.

I used to run cross country & track with her brother George, Gregg, Ervin and John Tice and couple of other guys on the varisty sq for 3 yrs (1970 - 1972). I wish I could remember their names but, cannot.

Jim is correct. It's Pam Risi. Her father was a Doctor at Melbourne Hospital Medical Center.

06/01/13 09:41 PM #7    


Jamie Cox

Jim and Bob,

Thanks for the ID -- okay, Pam Risi, class of '74. 



06/05/21 10:45 AM #8    


Jerry McTaggart

Does anyone know where Ellis Redmond is? He went to elementary and jr high with many of us. Anyone know how to get in touch with him?

06/05/21 08:18 PM #9    

Barbara Linton (Linton)

Jerry, I have what I think is his address.  I actually wrote him a letter but got no response. I'll dig through my notes and try to find  the address for you.  I'd love to see Ellis!

06/06/21 04:57 PM #10    


Jerry McTaggart

I found his Facebook, but no post since 2012. White pages have him living in New Haven Connecticut.

04/25/23 12:11 PM #11    


Susan Forbes (Shannon)

Are there any plans for a 50th Class Reunion? I haven't heard anything about it yet?

Susan Forbes Shannon


04/25/23 04:02 PM #12    


Debbie Cross

September 29th and 30th.  Location TBD

08/30/23 09:07 AM #13    

Kimberly Smith (Roberts)

Happy Red Square Wednesday! Hope you are all well.

10/03/23 08:14 PM #14    

Ron MacKenzie

Does anyone know what happened to David Pate of Melbourne Beach?

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