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•   Christy Hunter  1/2
•   Ken Herron  12/25
•   Melody Cale (Gardner)  12/23
•   Nancy Nason (Guss) (Class Of '74)  12/20
•   Greg Winn (Class Of '74)  12/19
•   Rebecca Hamrick (Partan)  11/10
•   Michele Kent (Woronka)  10/16
•   Ken Friedland  9/30
•   Dennis Elmore  9/15
•   Mable Ann Barto (Pratt)  9/7
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•   Vicky Allen (Sorensen)  1/22
•   Maria Amidon (Pendry)  1/23
•   Glynn Campbell (Simmons)  1/23
•   Nancy Nason (Guss) (Class Of '74)  1/23
•   Mike Bramlett  1/29
•   Debra Franklin  1/31
•   Tim Wilson  1/31
•   Barbara McCray (Ghent)  2/2
•   Fred Dyer  2/4
•   Bob Wilkins  2/4
•   Toby Barber  2/5
•   Ronald Durant  2/6
•   Randy Greer  2/7
•   Alice Smith (Derico)  2/7
•   Janet Owens (Archer)  2/12
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•   Sandra Strickland (Bullock)  2021
•   Stephen Ives  2021
•   Tim Shubert  2021
•   Marshal Harper  1999
•   Michelle Devereaux  2020
•   Petra Poppe  2021
•   Jim Gay  2020
•   Ted Kleinschnitz  2020
•   Debbie Meadows (Meshelany)  2004
•   Ricky Gage  2020
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Hey Bulldogs,

This is Jan Kennedy, and I am posting for those of you who want to attend the memorial for Steve Ives. There will be a memorial service in Ft. Pierce Saturday Nov 20, 2021 at Haisley's Funeral Home in Ft. Pierce. You can send flowers and or cards to the funeral home in Steve's name. Here is a link:

Golden Halo of the Night Sky

Standing in the cool and quiet darkness of the night, of the whole world.
Amidst the forests of evergreens, in deep thought and prayer.
Meditating over these trying times,
What was yesterday, what is now and what might be tomorrow.

The feeling of absolute helplessness.
Our every action or lack of them, effecting the multitudes.
We are all connected,
Like the cells of life uniting us one by one.
Like the stars of the universe, in all their magnificent perfection.

In the depths of our thoughts,
The chill of the night, penetrating through our very souls.
Searching up into the sky,
The endless galaxy, the deep unknown of life and its' existence.
The stars seemed brighter then ever tonight and there it was..........
The moons' reflection parting the clouds and creating......
The Golden Halo of the Night Sky, the Golden Halo encompassing the moon.

The Golden Halos' reflection,
Caused our minds to be quiet and our bodies to be still.
Cold and chilled, we stopped dead in our tracks,
The dire feeling of being stalked.
We were...... the virus lurking everywhere.

We stood motionless, breathless, speechless, but in total wonderment.
Losing ourselves inside this eternal abyss.
Never have we observed such a halo above the earth,
Shining its' reflections, speaking a language, a silent universal language.

Unable to speak, words would not come.
We submersed ourselves totally in the moment,
As time stood still......lost in the journey.
Sharing in this understanding,
In the cool and quiet darkness of the night...
Both of us in absolute awe,
Capturing this sense of faith and it is faith, that will get us thru this.

"The faith of knowing, it is going to be OK".
That is what Joe(my husband) said.
Was it the universe speaking to him?

"Angels in the heavens" he said
As if Gods' angels are watching over us,
Watching over the farm,
Watching over the earth,
Watching over life itself and all its connections.

The answers are in our silence,
The silence is in our stillness,
Be still, be silent, and listen....
Listen to those guiding us through these trying times

In our stillness we will have many questions.
What is our purpose now?
What will we do differently?
Where is this taking us?
What have we to learn?
How will this change us?
How will we get through this?
All the many questions we have, in a such enduring time like this.

The answers will come.......
The answers are in the cool and quiet darkness of the night...
In the Golden Halo of the Night Sky

Carol Maynard(pen name)
Carol Morales Granby Colorado

We're not sure how it happened, but our class is reaching Medicare and Social Security age. Be informed so you don't incur unnecessary penalties.

Knowledge is Power!

Here are two links to help you navigate these waters.

1- Medicare Resource Page

2- When Is a Good Time to Start Receiving Social Security Benefits?


The 45th Reunion is DONE.

First of all, thanks to our Sponsors! These things take money to put on and there was no padding on the ticket price. 

Second, thanks to the hardest working Reunion Committee EVER!

Third, thanks to you who attended! You are the reason. 

Fourth, thanks to those who were responsive to emails & phone calls. You lightened our load.

We hope everyone had a blast. Until the next one, stay safe, take care of yourselves, stay healthy and happy.


(To become a member of this site, look to the right upper corner of this page and follow instructions. This site is only for former Melbourne High School students and teachers of our era.)


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As of September 14, 2019 we are 

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