Condolences for

losses of classmate family members.

Our hearts are with you.


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Patty Paige Geary: Patty's brother, Leon Herbert Paige Jr, lost his battle with cancer July 25, 2014 at the age of 55. 

Maria Pendry-Midgette: Maria's father passed away June 29, 2014.

Patty Stevens Ray: Patty's mother passed away June 6, 2014.

Donnie Craine: Mindy Sawyer Craine lost her husband in a tragic boating accident April 24, 2014

Margaret Roberson: Ella Mae Mitchell-Wallace lost her mother New Year's Day, 2014

Ruth Buggs: Bruce Buggs mother passed away December 19, 2013

Debra Daniels: Debra's mother (Jean) passed away October 15, 2013

Eliza Bell Jones: Shirley Blanding's mother passed away October 11, 2013

Carolyn Egnoski Watson: Carolyn's mother, Betty Egnoski, passed away June 10, 2013 and is greatly missed by all the Egnoski girls.

Drew Huy: Drew's father passed away April, 25, 2013

Tommie Catherine Fudge-Kelley: Jerome Hardison's mother passed away March 14, 2013

Walter Newquist: Janet Newquist Hunt's father passed away February 15, 2013

John Michaels: Paula Michaels' father passed away September 1, 2012

Carolyn Elliott: Bill Elliot's wife passed away in June, 2012 after a long 3 year battle with brain cancer.


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